High in tastE
low in Fat.

It's a delicious feeling

With Smug Dairy, you CAN have it all – the goodness of dairy & plants, together at last! Our delicious Blended Oat & Dairy range gives you that lovely dairy taste with lower sat fats & less climate impact than standard dairy*. It’s a win-win, you might say… and enough to make you feel a little smug.

Smug Facts & Figures

Travel to Paris

A regular butter buyer could save enough C02e to travel 630km on a train, which could take you to Paris ( and over a quarter of the way back! (28%, 85 miles))

Have a cuppa!

A regular Grated Cheddar buyer could save enough C02e to boil enough water for over 700 mugs of tea!

Charge that Car

A regular block Cheddar buyer could save enough C02e to charge an electric car over 4 times

Washing Power

A regular milk buyer could save enough C02e to power a washing machine for nearly 7 years

Make the Call

A regular slice Cheddar buyer could save enough C02e to charge a smartphone for over 4.5 years

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Blending Oat & Dairy, the new way to do dairy!

By switching to Smug for just one year you can part of the our goal to help reduce Co2e emissions and empower you and others to live a more productive and healthy lifestyle

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