How We Are Doing It

What if the simple pleasures of life, like spreading butter on your morning toast or savouring a freshly brewed cup of coffee, could help reduce your carbon footprint? By making small swaps like choosing our blend of dairy milk and oat over traditional dairy, you can.

At Smug Dairy, we believe delicious choices can also be more carbon-conscious choices. That’s why we craft our products with a thoughtful blend of dairy and oat milk, reducing CO2e (or as some people call it, greenhouse gas) emissions by up to 54% compared to traditional dairy (take a little peek below for all the details).

This means you can enjoy the same creamy taste you love while knowing you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s our way of helping you feel good about your dairy consumption, one deliciously creamy bite (or sip) at a time.

Knowing the impact of your choices matters. That’s why we partnered with sustainability experts HowGood to conduct “cradle to manufacturing gate” Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for all our products. These important assessments measure the carbon impact of a product, from the very beginning when the ingredients are sourced, all the way to when the product is made and ready to leave the factory. This helps you see clearly how much carbon the product contributes to the environment. (see reports below)

To put our results into perspective, we have compared the CO2e emissions for each of our products to their traditional dairy counterparts, from cradle to manufacturing gate to understand the potential carbon emissions reduction made achievable by switching to our SMUG Dairy products . Below, you’ll find the links to these assessments.

To make it even clearer, we’ve also calculated what other little wins you could have with the emissions saved by using SMUG Dairy products instead of dairy equivalents for a whole 365 days (you can find our methodology below, you’re welcome);

Calculation Method

First off, we looked at the annual shopping habits of a UK resident already buying milk, cheddar, and butter using 2023 Kantar Data. Next, we looked at the potential carbon emissions reduction made achievable by switching to our SMUG Dairy products using the HowGood Lifecycle Assessment reports. Finally, we transform those emissions savings into relatable comparisons, like how many train miles you could rack up or how long you could charge your smartphone for using the online tool KWH-to- CO2 ( For further insight into our methodology, please refer to our comprehensive technical summaries in the links below  

SMUG Blended Oat & Dairy Butter has 45% less C02e/kg then salted British butter assessed from farm to pack (cradle to manufacturing gate).

By switching to Smug Blended Oat & Dairy Butter for 1 year, a regular butter buyer could save 21.84 Kg CO2e which is enough to travel 339 miles on a trainThis distance could take you from London to Paris (and over 30 miles back). *

SMUG Spreadable Blended Oat & Dairy Butter has 54% less C02e/kg then Salted British Butter butter assessed from farm to pack (cradle to manufacturing gate)

By switching to Smug Spreadable Blended Oat & Dairy Butter for 1 year, a regular butter buyer could save 25.41 kg CO2e which is enough to travel 391 miles on a train. This distance could take you from London to Amsterdam (and nearly 30 miles back!). *

SMUG Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar has 45% less C02e/kg then standard British cheddar assessed from farm to pack (cradle to manufacturing gate)

By switching to Smug Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar Block for 1 year, a regular cheddar buyer could save 32.2 Kg CO2e which is enough to charge an electric car over 4 times. *

SMUG Grated Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar has 45% less C02e/kg then standard British cheddar assessed from farm to pack (cradle to manufacturing gate)

By switching to Smug Grated Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar for 1 year, a regular cheddar buyer could save 13.75 Kg CO2e which is enough to boil water for over 700 mugs of tea. *

SMUG Sliced Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar has 45% less C02e/kg then standard cheddar assessed from farm to pack (cradle to manufacturing gate)

By switching to Smug Slice Blended Oat & Dairy Cheddar for 1 year, a regular cheddar buyer could save 6.68 kg CO2e which is enough to charge a smartphone for over 6 years. *

SMUG Blended Oat & Dairy Milk has 18% less C02e/kg then standard semi skimmed milk assessed from farm to (farm to carton or farm to manufacturing gate

By switching to Smug Dairy Blended Oat & Dairy Milk for 1 year, a regular milk buyer could save 53.2 kg CO2e, which is enough to power a washing machine for nearly 7 years. *